Our testing laboratory provides testing services of armour and impact resistant products used in military and civilian situations for compliance to international test standards.

We are an Australian Defence recognised supplier and the industry recognised leader in testing of armour. We are contracted as the sole source supplier of independent ballistic testing to the Australian Defence Force, Defence Materiel Organisation.

We are experienced and competent in establishing test programs which enable you to meet compliance in any market or tender along with assisting in conducting R&D, Certification, Batch and Life Extension testing.

Our comprehensive range of compliance and performance evaluation testing services is independent.
Radiographic analysis of body armour strike plates and other ceramic armour types is unique.
Our evaluation testing services ensures ammunition performance to the most accurate parameters.

Our services

We are a NATA accredited (accreditation number 13310) testing laboratory to ISO/IEC17025:2005 specialising in performing tests and evaluations for the defence, law enforcement, security, transport and aerospace industries.

  • Body armour including helmets, eyewear, vests, stab and spike protection, textiles
  • Armoured vehicles including transparent armour, steel, ceramic composite armour
  • Armoured personnel carriers, dignitary vehicles and cash carrying vans
  • Physical protection including intruder resistance, bullet / impact resistant glass
  • Transport including trains and buses for impact resistance

Our world class laboratory located in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia services clients and users in Australia, NZ, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Thailand and China.