Ballistic & Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd (BMT) is Australia’s only truly independent ballistic testing laboratory.

We are a privately owned and operated Australian business which was established in 1997 by Andrew Cameron and Damien Hehir. We independently verify compliance to international standards

Our technical proficiency, depth of experience and customised testing ranges combine to underpin our ability to provide the highest quality of service in providing destructive, non-destructive, and ammunition evaluation testing.

BMT are technically competent. We do not use substitute ammunition, we have access to authentic armour piercing ammunition as specified by individuals test standards. We have the facilities to pr-condition armour to simulate extreme climate conditioning prior to destructive, non-destructive testing.

Our efficiency in delivering test results, the scope of testing capability combined with specialised equipment uniquely support our clients’ needs to achieve the highest levels of compliance.

We provide a comprehensive independent scope of compliance testing catering to Ballistic, Stab/Slash and digital X-ray requirements of manufacturers and users in the defence, law enforcement, security, transport, aerospace industry.

BMT’s independence from armour and protective manufacturing allows us to offer a completely unbiased testing service whilst guaranteeing our clients absolute protection of their intellectual property while at our testing laboratory.

BMT is proud to be the contracted sole source supplier of destructive and non-destructive ballistic testing services to the Australian Defence Force and the benchmark in ballistic testing to the Australian armour manufacturing industry.

Our core values of independence, personal protection and compliance underpin everything we do. Ballistic & Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd is Australia’s only truly independent ballistic testing laboratory where providing personal safety testing services of world standard is our number one priority.

Our Independent technical expertise, ability to provide tailored testing solutions to meet unique and specific needs and knowledge of standards and accreditations for the purposes of R&D, validation, certification, acceptance testing (i.e. batch testing), and life extension testing sets us apart.

Contact us for achieving compliance to any ballistic or protective standard.

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